Jason Jordan’s Wife Provides Injury Update, Alpha Entertainment Files For Trademarks, Woods Travel Advice

After online reports have suggested that Jason Jordan’s neck injury is incredibly severe, his wife has posted on Instagram to give an update on his status.

Whilst Jordan’s wife did acknowledge that he is injured and will be heading home for an extended period of time, she also noted the injury is minor and anything read online is ‘fake news,’ promising he will be back soon.

Dave Meltzer had previously reported that Jason Jordan could have been out of action for a year if he had to undergo neck surgery, but his wife’s post would make it seem like that won’t be needed.

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Alpha Entertainment Files For Trademarks

Alpha Entertainment has applied to trademark the new XFL logo on January 25, as well as applying for other trademarks for ‘Alpha Entertainment’ and that company logo according to PWInsider.com

Click Here: malaysia rugby shirtsXavier Woods Gives Travel Tip

New Day member has provided people with some travel advice for collecting bags at the airport, Woods stated that you can still collect your bag if you stand further back from the machine.

Todays travel tip: When you get to baggage claim you'll still be able to see and retrieve your bag even if you step a few feet away from the machine. That allows everyone to see. Spread the word.

— 🍩Austin Creed🍩 (@XavierWoodsPhD) February 5, 2018