WWE Smackdown Results (1/30): Styles & Nakamura Team Up, Four-Way Contender’s Match & More

WWE Smackdown Results
January 30, 2018
Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com


The show kicks off with none other than the 2018 men’s Royal Rumble winner, Shinsuke Nakamura! The crowd chants along with his music and gives him a warm welcome and the “Artist” drinks it all in before getting down to business. He does his best to say what’s on his mind, which went something like this: “John Cena, knee to the face. Roman Reigns, knee to the face.” He claimed that he will become the new WWE Champion at WrestleMania because nobody is ready for Asuka. Wait… No. Because he’s going to drive his knee into AJ Styles’ face.

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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn made their way down and are clearly in a bad mood already. Owens goes on a long-winded rant about how they got screwed out of the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble because Styles pinned the illegal man in their match, and the referee was – once again – too incompetent to make the right decision. Sami is dancing around like Bugs Bunny yelling “YEP!” after every sentence. Eventually Nakamura gets sick of them and simply says, “AJ Styles is a winner. You two are losers.”

Before Owens and Zayn can take their anger and aggression out on the “Artist” the WWE Champion himself makes his way to the ring to save the day. He confirms that there will be a dream match at WrestleMania between himself and Nakamura for his title, but tonight recommends they turn their “dream match” into a “dream team” and have themselves a little tag team match later on tonight. The Canadians attempt to turn tail and run for the hills, but the two babyfaces knock them off the apron as Nakamura’s music plays.


Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan finds Owens and Zayn backstage and the two are reasonably upset after what just happened. Bryan said that the good news is AJ Styles doesn’t have the power to book matches on his show, even if he is champion. That being said… he’s the GM and he does have that power, so we will be getting that huge tag team match later on in tonight’s main event.

Kevin Owens is livid and rants about being screwed time and time again. He insists that they deserve another shot at the title, and this time Bryan says he actually agrees with him, and that’s why they’re going to get another shot next week. Zayn starts singing his praises and calling him the best authority figure in WWE, but his partner knows exactly what’s about to happen and doesn’t look thrilled. Bryan announces that next week it will be Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn, and the winner will face AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Fastlane.

U.S. Title #1 Contender’s Match

Bobby Roode made his way down to ringside and joined commentary for this match. The crowd chanted “Rusev Day” loudly while the other members of New Day were on the outside chucking dozens of pancakes at the announce team as they try desperate not to break down in laughter whilst still doing their jobs.

Things break down right away as Ryder clears the ring and looks to fly, taking down Mahal on the floor. Kingston follows with a tope con hillo taking both guys down. That leaves Rusev alone in the ring and he pumps up the crowd, teasing a dive of his own, but the non-injured Singh brother tripped him up and got some great heat from the crowd immediately. Aiden English started shoving Singh and the two came to blows, knocking over Xavier Woods and spilling pancakes eveywhere. The referee decided he wasn’t putting up with their shenangians and banished them ALL to the shadow realm back.

Back from break and former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is in control, stomping knees into the heart of Ryder and keeping the other two competitors isolated on the floor. Rusev finally mounted a comeback taking out Mahal with a huge spinning wheel kick and throwing him over the ropes. Ryder comes out of nowhere with the Broski Boot to Rusev in the corner, but Kingston comes off the ropes to make the save. He hits the Boom Drop on Jinder and lines up for Trouble in Paradise, but Ryder cuts him off and runs into the S.O.S.

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