Matt Hardy on “Woken” Steve Austin, Deleting Roman Reigns, Undertaker’s 4,000 Year Old “Soul” & More

“Woken” Matt Hardy hosted a Q&A on Sunday afternoon on WWE’s official Facebook page to promote his involvement in this week’s historic Raw 25th Anniversary special. Of course, the leader of the Woken Warriors did the entire interview in character, so it’s every bit as ridiculous as you expect it to be.

Among some of the more bizarre statements was a brief explanation for where the Woken Matt character actually came from. Well, at least in this WWE version of the timeline.

“Probably my most fond memory of all time is when that dark, black magic Sister Abigail touched me, and forced my inner white magic to awaken. [It allowed] me to be WOKEN Matt Hardy yaaaaasss.”

We also got confirmation that “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy will appear on this week’s WWE Raw 25th Anniversary special.

“I have made very special arrangements for the NEFARIOUS Brother Nero to be in attendance tomorrow, yes. It is his first time reappearing on Monday Night Raw since his injury. People do not know this but, Woken Warriors, I have been sprinkling agua from the Lake of Reincarnation all over Brother Nero’s shoulder. It is rapidly repairing, and quickly being refurbished. Before you know it he will be stronger than ever. Tomorrow, Brother Nero, Jeff Hardy, the “Charismatic Enigma” will be on your TV screen, and I find it absolutely intoxicating.”

When asked if there were any other WWE Superstars he needed to DELETE after finishing up with Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail, Hardy singled out The MIz for being “loud, obnoxious” and “truly a rambunctious rapscallion”. He also mentioned that the fans might want him to DELETE the “canine” Roman Reigns, and spoke enthusiastically about seeing The Undertaker again.

“The Undertaker is one of the oldest souls in existence. I get chills speaking of him. He has been around for nearly 4,000 years and was in his most powerful vessel ever when he was known as the Man of Dead – the Deadman. Undertaker, I have a very strong suspicion we have not seen the last of him. I have an enormous amount of respect for the Deadman. He is possible the most magical superstars in the history of the WWE.”

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Check out the full video with Woken Matt Hardy above.