WATCH: Enzo Amore Speaks Out On Backstage Heat in WWE, Says He Dresses In His Own Locker Room

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WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, who has reportedly amassed a lot of backstage heat on him WWE, recently spoke to TMZ about the perceived Enzo vs locker room situation, and had the following to say:

“Bro, I got my own locker room — literally. That is a fact,” Enzo told TMZ Sports outside Poppy in L.A.

“I don’t talk to nobody. You know why? ‘Cause if you ain’t talkin’ money, what the hell you talkin’ bout?!”

You can read more from Enzo at this link.

It was previously reported that Enzo Amore had been kicked out of the WWE locker room, with his backstage behavior, how he carries himself, and a specific incident on a WWE tour bus being cited as the reason why he is disliked by other WWE stars.

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