Lesnar Went to Smackdown on FOX Request, Update on Cain Velasquez’s Brand Status

Brock Lesnar’s move to Smackdown in the Draft was due to a request from FOX, according to the WON. The newsletter reports that FOX wanted either Lesnar or Ronda Rousey on Smackdown due to their status as big sports stars. Rousey, of course, is still away from WWE right now and Smackdown move fell on Lesnar, who went on to win the WWE Championship and be subsequently drafted to Smackdown. 
Meanwhile, the site reports that WWE expects to pair Cain Velasquez with Rey Mysterio through the end of the month. That presents an interesting challenge because Velasquez is facing Lesnar at Crown Jewel, but Mysterio is on Raw and WWE is supposedly keeping the brands more separate post-Draft. WWE is not expected to address Velasquez’s brand status until after Crown Jewel and they figure out what to do with him next.Click Here: nrl jerseys