Mike Kanellis Reveals Previous Struggle with Prescription Drugs

Mike and Maria Kanellis were both signed to WWE not very long after departing Impact Wrestling earlier this year. Mike debuted at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view along with Maria and the two have been working together ever since. Fans have had some mixed feelings towards Mike Kanellis ever since he joined the promotion and his “Power of Love” gimmick has drawn criticism. In fact, rumors popped up this week on the Dirty Sheets podcast that Kanellis may actually have some heat in WWE due to his physical shape. However, Kanellis combated the recent news surrounding him by informing the public of a serious issue that once plagued his life.
It turns out that Kanellis suffered from a prescription drug addiction at one point in his life. Earlier today, the Smackdown star posted a detailed entry on his Instagram page wherein he went public with his former addiction. He says that he first began taking prescription drugs after he dislocated one of his kneecaps and the addiction continued on from there. Kanellis noted that he kept the whole ordeal a secret from his wife, friends, fans and family. The addiction continued to haunt Mike for three years before “it really started to spiral out of control this past year and a half.” Apparently the issue grew so drastic that Kanellis added that he “almost lost everything.”
Luckily, Kanellis eventually decided that he had to do what was best for his wife, family, and himself: get clean and beat his addiction. He credits Maria for helping him find his path on the road to recovery. Say what you will about Mike’s run in WWE, but he has managed to have a nice career for himself in ROH, NJPW, and TNA over the years, and beating such a severe addiction certainly cannot be easy for a full-time wrestler. Mike assured everyone that he is in a much better place in his life now and he encouraged anyone else going through an addiction to hang in there. Kanellis ended his post by stating: “If you are struggling, please don’t give up hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you are not alone. I have your back.”

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