WWE Worlds Collide: Cruiserweights Collide Results (4/18/2019)

On Wednesday evening, WWE premiered their Worlds Collide: Cruiserweights Collide special featuring Superstars from NXT, NXT U.K. and 205 Live. Featured below, courtesy of Justin Knipper (@JustinMKnipper) and F4WOnline.com, are complete results from the show.

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Tyler Bate (NXT UK) defeated Brian Kendrick (205 Live)

Solid match to kick things off. Kendrick shaved his goatee and looks ten years younger now. Bate was extremely popular with this crowd. Kendrick did a good job of playing the cowardly, indignant heel in this match.

They did mat work with Kendrick dominating at the beginning. Bate did athletic World of Sport-esque counter wrestling. There was one point in this where they traded Three Stooges eye poke block spots, which people sounded like they enjoyed.

Bate used a frankensteiner and standing Shooting Star Press for two. Kendrick went for Sliced Bread #2, but Bate reversed it. Some audience members got behind Kendrick at this point, and here was when he put Bate into the Captain’s Hook submission.

Bate fought out and put Kendrick into an airplane spin. A few moments later, Bate used the Tyler Driver ‘97 (a tiger driver) on Kendrick for the win.

Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews (NXT UK) defeated Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis (205 Live)

This was fine. Daivari and Andrew started off, though the crowd chanted for Mike Kanellis. Kanellis came in for a second, then tagged back out, and later came back in again. The announcers classified the heel antics as mind games.

It looks as though Daivari has been tasked with wearing dress shoes, slacks, and a non-title real life dress belt as part of his latest ring gear, where he unfortunately resembles a bad guy in an ‘80s Kung-fu movie more than a wrestler.

The 205 Live heels did heel things throughout. They abused Webster in their corner for a long while with lots of double-teaming and quick tags in and out from both members. Webster finally returned the attack with a short corkscrew senton and a fast tag out to Andrews, who went through a sequence of flying moves that finished with a double stomp to Daivari’s stomach. He only got a two count for this.

Kanellis broke up a few pinfall attempts from the Brits, including one spot where Webster assisted Andrews for a standing 450 splash. They did simultaneous tope con giros to the outside after this, which had the crowd chanting “this is awesome.” It was short-lived, though, as Kanellis used a big spinebuster for two on Andrews.

Kanellis accidentally superkicked Daivari off the apron, allowing Webster to land a somersault senton to Kanellis’ back and crushing him back-first for the win while Kanellis was on his hands and knees. Again, this was fine, not bad, and the crowd seemed to be quite into it by the end. I wonder how many people from the UK were in this crowd.

Ligero (NXT UK) defeated Albert Hardie Jr. (NXT) and Gran Metalik (205 Live) in a triple threat match

This was a good but quick match that felt like more of a showcase for Albert Hardie Jr. than anything. He was the obvious star of this one.

The three slapped hands before they started. This was my first time seeing ACH/Albert Hardie in WWE. They attempted a three-way test of strength, which, logically speaking, I have no idea what the endpoint of that would be. Hardie got the better of whatever they attempted at the start and teased a dive. He put Metalik in an abdominal stretch for a short while and later did a Stuka-style pescado onto him outside the ring.

Hardie surprisingly dominated much of this match. There were hard chops from Hardie to Ligero and another ab stretch attempt when Metalik came from off-camera and blasted Hardie with a stiff thrust kick. Ligero’s chest looked like raw meat just a minute after some of those Hardie chops.

Metalik hit the Metalik Driver on Hardie for two, but Ligero broke up the pin. Ligero did a slingshot stunner to Hardie and a tope con giro to the outside to Metalik. He finished off Hardie with a springboard tornado DDT that Hardie sold like a Looney Tunes character, getting spiked on his head so hard that he bounced to his feet.

Like I mentioned, this was good but felt like more of an ACH spotlight match. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. He looked fantastic here.

Jordan Devlin (NXT UK) defeated Akira Tozawa (205 Live)

This was very good. Devlin worked over Tozawa’s legs with kicks at the start. They exchanged wrist and shoulder locks. After a few minutes of good chain wrestling, Tozawa took the advantage and used power moves to slow Devlin down, including hard kicks and a heavy standing senton.

Devlin fought back by taking the fight to the floor and slamming Tozawa into the barricade. He targeted Tozawa’s back with a variety of backbreakers and strikes and a general brawler’s abuse. Here was when the crowd decided that Devlin was the heel and Tozawa was the babyface.

Tozawa made a comeback after a few more minutes of punishment from Devlin. He teased the senton, Devlin rolled outside, so Tozawa dove through the ropes onto him with a tope suicida.

Tozawa swung himself into a modified octopus hold, but Devlin countered it into a backbreaker. The two sold on the ground for a short while, then exchanged more hard strikes. Devlin hopped over the ropes at one point, but Tozawa caught him in mid-air and did a German suplex. Very impressive.

Towards the end of the match, Tozawa went for his diving senton finish — but Devlin put his knees up. Devlin used a ripcord back suplex for the win.

This was hands-down the best match of the broadcast. Devlin is exceptional and seems to be having the best matches on every show he’s on these days.

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