GFW News & Notes: Alberto El Patron, Wrestler Released, New Signing

  • The decision to strip Alberto El Patron of the GFW Championship belt was a decision that went “back-and-forth” as late as last weekend, but was ultimately made by Anthem’s Ed Nordholm.

  • While Alberto has been cleared of all charges stemming from the incident at the Orlando airport also involving Paige, GFW reportedly had additional concerns about his track record and other situations that haven’t gotten any publicity but were still concerning the company.

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  • On Instagram, Alberto El Patron claimed that he came up with the idea to drop the title, but the belief is that his claim is doubtful due to the fact that the decision to strip him of the title was being debated through the weekend.

  • Angelina Love asked GFW for her release and was recently granted it.

  • Kiera Hogan, a female wrestler based out of Atlanta, has signed a contract with GFW.

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