Backstage Details on Why Hardys Were on Not Raw; Plans for Tag Team Match

  • When Scott Dawson of injured his biceps at a house show in Halifax, it was a match involving two heel tag teams – Revival challenging Sheamus & Cesaro for the tag team titles.

  • Originally, the Hardys were scheduled in tag team matches all weekend but WWE was unable to get the paperwork sorted out in time to ensure that Jeff Hardy would be allowed to cross the border and into Canada due to his felony conviction from many years ago. As a result, the Hardys had to be pulled from all the live events in Canada.

  • The original match for SummerSlam was supposed to be Hardys vs. Revival vs. Gallows & Anderson but because of Dawson’s injury, the angle that would have set up the match was pulled completely from Raw.

  • Apparently with Jeff Hardy not there, the original script was for Matt to shoot the angle by himself but it was all scrapped and now the speculation is that it will turn into a regular tag team match with the Hardys facing Gallows & Anderson.

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