More News Regarding CM Punk's WWE Departure

As previously reported, top WWE Superstar CM Punk reportedly left the company after a meeting with Vince McMahon held prior to Monday’s RAW in Cleveland, Ohio. We noted that part of the reason for Punk’s departure was frustration over part-time wrestlers coming in and leap-frogging full-time talent and securing the main event positions in the company, especially for top events such as Batista and the upcoming WrestleMania XXX show.

According to one report, Punk voiced some of these frustrations at a recent Wizard World Q&A appearance in Portland, Oregon. Last Friday, Punk spoke to fans during the Q&A session and said that while he is friends with Batista, he had to be honest and admitted that it has been Daniel Bryan’s year, and he feels Bryan deserves the WrestleMania main event.

Punk also spoke about his in-ring work being reduced to two moves per match. Punk also made the comment, “I show up. Someone tells me what to do and I just go out do it and leave.”

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