Goldust Interview: His Current Run, Sobriety, Cody-WrestleMania & More

WWE Superstar Goldust recently spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald to promote tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

His Current WWE Run: “It’s a lot of DDP Yoga and gym work and eating right and staying in shape. My mind has also been right for the last five-and-a-half years being clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. So I think all those things played a big factor in this. Being able to do stuff that I’ve never done and wanting to try new things and having the young talent that’s actually hungry and help me get through that and make it look good. I’ve got some new moves in my arsenal, and the people love it. This new attitude and new Goldust they’ve never seen with new face paint. I couldn’t have asked for anything. This run has been great.”

Sobriety & Inspiring others: “They say because of you I haven’t used a drug for eight days or picked up a drink. That’s awesome. I’m a true testament that the WWE Wellness Policy works, if you work it. It took me one time, and I was ready to turn my life around and say goodbye to the demons. They’re always there. They are always on my shoulder, but all I have to do is take hold. The support group I have with my wife and my daughter and things like that. Now its five-and-a-half years going on six years clean and sober and having the time of my life. I can actually get in the ring and do things in the ring I thought in the past I couldn’t do without a pill or drugs in my system or alcohol to get through a match and wake up in the morning. It’s a piece of cake. I’m doing it. I’m 44 years old, and I’m kicking everybody’s ass.”

No Longer Wanting To Wrestle His Brother At WrestleMania: “The dream match I did have I do not anymore at WrestleMania. So right now I want to continue to be the WWE tag team champions and have someone big step up to try to face us at WrestleMania. I think we need to try to be on that card and put on one hell of a show.”

Working With Younger Talent: “I watch their stuff, and I don’t give them too much. I give them a little bit that they can sink into and try first to see if that works and go from there. I try to teach them about how to tell stories because it’s a lost art. I think me and Cody are doing a real good job of bringing this tag team division back by telling a story. When you have 25 minutes out there with The Shield, the way I do it is start slow and end big. In between, it’s telling those stories and making those non-believers who are only there for their kids that are loving it, those parents stand up at the end of the match to either hate me or love me. Either way, they were on their feet because they were entertained. It’s a slow build — like a movie. The good guy is there getting beat down, but in the end he comes back. It’s hard to teach this these days. If you’re allotted five or six minutes for a match, I can tell a story with that. They don’t understand that, but with time in the business they will learn that hopefully. I hope it doesn’t stay a lost art for so long that it’s forgotten about.”

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