Watch The Eddie Kingston NWA Promo That’s Got The Internet Buzzing

Check out the promo from this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr that has everyone talking!

Eddie Kingston returns to the studio set to confront the man who has been toying with his head and running his mouth for the last several weeks – The Pope.

The former TNA Wrestling commentator turned up in the NWA quite recently, but since arriving he has done nothing but mess with the Mad King, even trying to separate Kingston from his best friend and long-time tag team partner, Homicide.

Anyone in the business who has ever met Eddie can tell you what a TERRIBLE idea that is – he’ll fight a b**ch for looking at Homicide wrong, and has proven that on numerous occasions. And as it turns out, when he gets real worked up Kingston has a tendency to cut the best promo in all of wrestling.

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Check out his short, but extremely emotional promo below.

You're warned… Eddie Kingston is pure🔥🔥🔥 right now#NWAPowerrr –

— NWA (@nwa) February 4, 2020