MVP Reflects On Returning To WWE: “We Are In A Good Space Right Now”

MVP returned to WWE during the Royal Rumble and again at WWE Raw last night, and he spoke with the company YouTube channel about what it has meant to him.

MVP was a surprise entrant in the men’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday where he mixed it up with Brock Lesnar during the Beast’s impressive dominating period. He then appeared again last night on WWE Raw to compete one on one with Rey Mysterio, with the Master of 619 coming out on top.

However, the results weren’t what MVP was concerned about the results, as he spoke about why the Royal Rumble performance meant to much to him.

“It’s crazy because I reside in Houston, Miami will always be my home. A lot of people were asking me, “Are you excited for the Rumble?” Of course, it’s the Rumble but I’m excited for different reasons, my little man was there. He’s a massive wrestling fan and for him to be able to experience seeing daddy in what he calls “daddy fighting” in the WWE ring and to hear the MVP chants, for him to experience it. My mother took me to the Miami Beach Convention Center when I was in first grade and I will always remember seeing Dusty Rhodes. I know I have him a memory that will outlast me and I’m thrilled about that.”

MVP then also spoke about facing Rey Mysterio and getting the chance to make a return to Monday Night Raw this week.

“He’s (Rey Mysterio) my sons favourite wrestler. A decade away, coming back to Monday Night Raw, there’s nothing like Monday Night Raw, it’s live, there’s no safety net. But Rey Mysterio is without question, as legends go, you don’t get bigger than that. I’ve wrestled Rey Mysterio all around the world, the honor, the privilege. It’s the WWE, so to come and get in the flow and my son was watching which changes everything. We are in a good space right now. It’s been very special, unbelievable.”

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