Rey Mysterio Reveals Which WWE Superstar He Believes Is The “Next Rey Mysterio”

Rey Mysterio recently spoke with BT Sport where he revealed which current WWE Superstar he believes will be the next version of himself.

The WWE legend picked Ricochet as the man he believes will be the next Rey Mysterio when the time comes around.

“He was actually one of the first superstars that really impressed me. When you’re in this world and you come home, the last thing you want to do is watch wrestling or hear about other wrestlers, and I secluded myself very well. I was home for two-three days a week, and it was family time specifically,” Mysterio said. “There comes a point where you gotta make sure you see you’re competition. Who’s up and coming? He was one of the guys that really stood out to me, and he’s been doing incredible. I personally feel he’s the next Rey Mysterio.”

Mysterio then spoke about how he enjoys giving advice to the younger talent in the company right now such as Ricochet.

“I enjoy giving advice if they ask for it. I love having the seat in the house when I’m teaming with a Ricochet. [It’s an] opportunity to watch them perform like [how]other superstars would look at me do my thing and go in the ring. I always say that’s the best seat in the house,” Mysterio said. “It’s better than front row because I’m right there in the corner, and I get to see everything and see how perfectionist these guys are and how their passion just pours in that ring.”

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BT Sport

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