WWE Talent Meeting Held Ahead of Raw; Vince McMahon Addresses Saudi Arabia Travel Issues

Vince McMahon held a talent meeting this afternoon several hours prior to Monday Night Raw to address the recent travel issues last week coming home from Saudi Arabia.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that the talent were blamed for spreading speculation about why the more-than 170 Superstars and employees were stranded in Riyadh following Crown Jewel. There have been several reports over the last few days from people who talked to Superstars while they were still overseas, and WWE is evidently not happy about it.

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The company also doubled down on the flight issues being solely related to mechanical problems with the aircraft. There have been conflicting rumors on this as well, including reports that McMahon had the local feed of Crown Jewel pulled – there was about an hour delay in the broadcast in that region – due to WWE not receiving payments for previous shows.

WWE has categorically denied these claims. According to Meltzer’s latest update, former Universal Champion Seth Rollins did what was considered a “rah-rah speech” for the locker room, and encouraged people to keep speculation and issues like this off social media in the future.