Chicago Cubs Twitter Reacts to RAW Squash Segment: “We Like AEW Better Anyway”

In case you missed it, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured a short segment that saw tag team champions Erik and Ivar, the Viking Raiders, make short work of two enhancement talents dressed up as Chicago Cubs players.

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The segment was done because Raw took place in St. Louis, the home of the Cardinals, and WWE obviously wanted to play off the long-standing rivalry between the two major sports markets.

Long story short, the champs steamrolled “Rizzo” and “Bryant”  – St. Louis’ own Mike Sydal and Kyle Roberts – for the cheap pop, but it clearly didn’t go over as planned because the arena was mostly quiet throughout, and it even led to rival AEW getting some love online.

The incident ended up getting picked up by the official NBC Sports social account of the Chicago White Sox, who obviously loved the segment. The NBC Sports Twitter for the Chicago Cubs, on the other hand, struck back claiming, “We like All Elite Wrestling better anyway.”


We like @AEWrestling better anyway.

— Cubs Talk (@NBCSCubs) October 29, 2019