Paige Blinded by Poison Mist in Kabuki Warriors Betrayal

By the looks of things, the business relationship between Paige and the Kabuki Warriors is definitely over.

The popular UK star received a tremendous reaction in her return to television this evening, kicking off Monday Night Raw with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions trailing close behind. She attempted to reintroduce the duo to the live St. Louis crowd, but after a short scuffle over the microphone, received a face full of “poison mist” from Asuka.

Paige was revealed as the manager for Asuka and Kairi Sane back in April, shortly after WrestleMania, but has been scarcely seen due to a combination of the Kabuki Warriors not being used consistently, and a recent neck surgery that took her off television.

In recent weeks, the Kabuki Warriors have been exhibiting a new mean streak, with the “Pirate Princess” changing up her gear and taking on a more sarcastic, slightly sinister demeanor while the “Empress of Tomorrow” continues to take down her enemies with said green mist.

Given that Paige has been one of the most popular stars in WWE for a very long time, despite being unfortunately forced to retire in mid-2018, it was only a matter of time before the champions parted ways with their beloved manager.

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