Kelly Klein Condemns Anonymous Independent Promoter

Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein took to Facebook to address an incident with an unknown independent wrestling promoter.

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EDIT: This is NOT about Ring of Honor. I still HAPPILY work there. This is about an INDEPENDENT company.

I recently parted ways with an independent company because I was very uncomfortable with how ownership interacted with and treated myself and other talent.

I tried to make changes from the inside. But it is impossible to eliminate or control another person’s bad behavior. That is up to that person, and that person alone.

What I WAS able to do, is leave the situation. By doing this, I hope that I can be an example to others. Especially young female talent. You do NOT have to put up with anyone’s s–t. No one has the right to disrespect you, harass you, make you uncomfortable. No one has the right to disregard your boundaries. If someone does any of these things, YOU have the right to walk away.

The bulls–t about losing booking opportunities or burning bridges… no. When we say NO to these types of “opportunities” it makes more room in our lives and in the market place for people and companies who treat their talent with respect.

We CAN change the business from the inside. Stand up for yourself and your value. Don’t brush off sexual or sexist comments. Don’t let someone talk you out of knowing your worth and your value. We give power to the places we support and allow to exist. So give your power and your value to the places that deserve it. Wrestling will still be there, and YOU will still be there. But we will have a better community and better places to work where we can all protect, support, and uplift each other.

And if you ever need anything from me, whether we work together or not, I’m a message away.

🚨🚨🚨EDIT: This is NOT about Ring of Honor. I still HAPPILY work there. This is about an INDEPENDENT company….

Posted by Kelly Klein on Thursday, July 11, 2019