Kevin Von Erich Praises MLW’s Second Generation Talent

Texas wrestling legend, Kevin Von Erich recently spoke with the WINCLY Podcast on Wrestling INC. During the interview, he praised MLW and all of the second and third generation wrestlers on the roster:

Transcriptions via Ross Kelly at Wrestling INC.

“That’s what got me excited about MLW – all the second generational wrestlers. These are guys whose hearts are after wrestling. I wanted to be just like my dad and that’s natural for these guys to want to be like their fathers. These second generation wrestlers just have a little something extra they bring to the table and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.”

Von Erich also talked about why his sons, Ross & Marshall, decided against signing with WWE:

“They kind of have an idea of what they want. They would say that they are not ready but I would say that they are. When you go to WWE it’s gonna be everyday for months on end and they don’t wanna do that right now. They live in Hawaii and they are with their dad and learning stuff and traveling all over the world.

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“MLW is a bunch of hungry, young, killer cats and that’s what I want my boys to be. They’re gonna make exciting shows and keep the people watching.”

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