WWE SmackDown Results (4/16): The Big Dog Joins Team Blue, Paige Debuts Her Tag Team, More!

WWE Smackdown Results
April 16th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick things off with Kevin Owens who gets a tremendous pop from the Montreal crowd as we start SmackDown Live with The Kevin Owens Show. KO welcomes us to the show, talking in French to the crowd, which gets a big reaction from the live crowd.

KO says everyone is buzzing about the Superstar Shake-Up, teasing the fact that Vince McMahon will be bringing out the biggest Superstar in SmackDown history, but he says that’s not possible because the biggest Superstar in SmackDown is already stood in the ring, himself.

Kevin Owens welcomes out his guest, who he says he respects fully… the WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston! Kingston comes out along with Xavier Woods (no Big E, who is currently injured) and Owens says what he did at WrestleMania is something that nobody will ever forget.

KO says congratulations and leads the WWE Universe in a standing ovation for the new WWE Champion. Kingston says he appreciates the kind words, and that at WrestleMania he did something special that he got to share with everyone.

Owens points out the fact that Big E isn’t around, and Xavier Woods confirms the fact that he is injured, and complains about the fact that Raw took 80% of his UpUpDownDown roster, and that if he doesn’t see Tyler Breeze by the end of this show he is going to lose his mind.

Kevin Owens says that The New Day is set to have a tag team match tonight against Rusev and Nakamura, and points out that they need back up more than ever, and says that they need the help of Big K! Which he quickly changes to Big O, as it is funnier.

Kofi says that it is a big commitment and asks if he is willing to wear a crop top. Woods says there is cereal testing, pancake throwing and a lot of movement in the groin region, which leads to Big O hilariously swivelling his hips. Kingston provides Big O with his crop top which he squeezes on and then gets a unicorn headband as the trio start dancing together in the ring.

Backstage Rusev and Nakamura are joined by Cesaro who points out that there are three of them and pushes to join the team tonight.


The show is rolling on at a rapid pace and we have our first new draft pick confirmed, the Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor is now on SmackDown Live!


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On his first SmackDown Live match, Finn Balor is going one on one with Ali who gets the upper hand on the champion early on, taking down Finn with a dropkick. Balor quickly turns thing around then with a powerslam which is followed up by an elbow to the heart.

Balor then eats a foot from Ali before being sent to the outside as the former WWE 205 Live star flies out of the ring with a suicide dive. As we return from the break, Balor is lighting up Ali’s chest with several chops, but eventually, Ali reverses it and then rolls into the ring from the outside, planting Balor face-first into the mat.

Balor then manages to reverse Ali’s planned Saterlight DDT as he hits a stomp to the chest of Ali, who quickly stops Balor from hitting the Coup De Grace. Ali then joins Balor on the top turnbuckle as he plants the champion to the mat, who somehow manages to kick out.

Balor rolls away from the O54 and quickly hits a dropkick that sens Ali bouncing off the opposite turnbuckle, setting him up in the drop zone as Balor hits the Coup De Grace to pick up his first SmackDown victory.

Winner: Finn Balor

New Day is shown backstage asking Big O if he is ready to have his initiation, eating a full plate of pancakes, but Big O says e has never had a pancake and he quickly starts munching down the treats.

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