R-Truth To Issue Another U.S. Championship Open Challenge on WWE SmackDown Live

R-Truth will once again issue another United States Championship open challenge on SmackDown Live. The current champ came out on the February 26 edition of the program and brought back the gimmick in honor of his “hero” John Cena.

Truth was immediately challenged by both Andrade and Rey Mysterio. Truth wanted nothing to do with facing either man but he did relent and actually won the match.

Truth is known as one of the most entertaining Superstars in WWE. While his character is often clueless and unsure of what’s really going on around him, the fact is that R-Truth is more than capable in the ring and is highly respected backstage.

But even though many WWE fans consider him a favorite, it’s entirely possible that he’s going to lose the U.S. title long before WrestleMania 35 on April 7. This means that Truth would unfortunately not have his WrestleMania moment, which is something that he’s definitely earned.

But the open challenge could very well facilitate a championship loss sooner, rather than later.

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