Jay Lethal Talks His Record Breaking ROH Championship Reign, Discusses The G1 Super Card, More

Ring Of Honor World Champion, Jay Lethal recently spoke with Sporting News about his record-breaking title run and the upcoming MSG show.

On the G1 Super Card show:

“I’m trying to focus on keeping the belt until Madison Square Garden because, right now, that’s all everybody can see,” admitted Lethal. “We’ve got tunnel vision. Everything is leading to the Garden.”

On breaking Samoa Joe’s record as longest reigning ROH World Champion:

“When I was pulled aside and they said you know, you’re about to beat Joe’s record of holding the belt for a certain amount of time, I said, ‘No way! That’s insane!’” Lethal exclaimed. “I remember being in Ring of Honor when Joe was champion and I was his protégé and I would come to the ring holding his towel. I didn’t think anyone would ever beat his record.”

On why he signed a contract extension with ROH:

“Here’s the thing that made me fall in love with them,” Lethal explained. “Even when I was just that kid that didn’t feel like I belonged, my skill level was nowhere near a CM Punk or Austin Aries or Alex Shelley at the time, but yet I was still wrestling with those guys. Even then, this company has always gone above and beyond for me. This company has always taken great care of me. I’ve never had a reason to even dream about wanting to go somewhere else. I love this place.”

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Sporting News

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