WWE Raw Results (7/23): First All-Women’s PPV Announced, #1 Contender to the Universal Title Named!

JULY 23RD, 2018
Live Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show with everyone on the roster already in the ring and VINCE MCMAHON IS IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!

Vince welcomes us to Monday Night Raw, and then welcomes Triple H & Stephanie McMahon to the ring to make their historic announcement. It’s worth noting that there are several NXT women and Smackdown LIVE women on the top of the ramp, including Nikki Cross. There is a mixed reaction for Stephanie, but she talks anyway. She says it’s rare to create history, and create moments that some will remember for the rest of their lives. Triple H acknowledges all the WWE Superstars, on all brands and says that their dedication, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears, make everything possible. And he says that it is a giant team that is formed, and they create a bond which he has never seen be stronger than than what he sees today.

With that said, he asks all the women to step forward on the stage. He says that the men and the WWE universe support the women, and have since day 1 right through every single main event that they have earned. They have stood in awe, and some with a tear in their eyes as they have stolen the show again and again. Triple H says that they are incredibly proud of them.

Stephanie says that these moments don’t happen because of one person, but because everyone deems it important and the WWE Universe made it important for the women, and it started with #GiveDivasAChance which trended worldwide. Stephanie says that now they can provide a platform that shows that they can be whatever they want to be. She says that now they can make an announcement that on October 28th, there will be an event called Evolution, which will be the first ever ALL WOMEN Pay Per View!

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Michael Cole lets us know that this event will take place at Nassau Colosseum which will have both Women’s Championships defended from Raw & Smackdown, the NXT Women’s Championship, and the Mae Young Classic Finals will take place at the event.


Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas talk about the women’s pay per view and who they want to see. They change the subject to their title defense tonight, and how the journey has been like a dream. Curtis Axel says that the B stands for brothers, and Bo says it’s for the brother he never had.

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