WWE NXT Referee Suffers Broken Leg During Match (Graphic Content)

WWE NXT Referee, Tom Caster sadly suffered a broken leg during a match at last nights live event between Tyler Breeze and Velveteen Dream.

Breeze was competing for the NXT North American Championship at the NXT Omaha live event, when Caster broke his leg, which led to a second referee appearing and signalling the X for medical assistance.

Despite the fact he had broken his leg, Caster managed to still perform a three-count, showing his determination to the business. Below are some images/videos and does feature some graphic content.

That moment you realize your town is cursed. 2 leg injuries in 1 night #NXTOmaha pic.twitter.com/jz1RB8Ymyk

— Michael Davis (@TheRealMikeD23) April 26, 2019

Update on #NXT Ref #TomCastor

Fan at the event said he took a super kick and fell weird. Referee #DrakeWuertz confirmed the broken leg.#VinceMcMahon give this guy a raise for going on with the show and making the 3 count. pic.twitter.com/CfKTpdPyAq

— Wrestling Backstage Report (@pwguru65) April 26, 2019

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