AJ Styles Addresses Rumor Of Retirement After WrestleMania 34

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

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As seen below, a Twitter user started a rumor suggesting WWE Champion AJ Styles plans to retire after WrestleMania 34.

The Champ took to Twitter this morning and shot down the rumor with the following post:

Wrong! https://t.co/7uH3DeopJk

— AJStyles.Org (@AJStylesOrg) November 29, 2017

Ten days ago, Styles appeared on The Madd Hatta Morning Show, and during the interview, he addressed his future in the business. While Styles did not mention retirement specifically, he did tease he has a couple more years left in the business, as he discussed getting older and the in-ring wrestling getting harder with age. Styles added in a “couple” of years he will be able to spend his time doing other things besides pro wrestling.