The Miz Admits He Would Love To Beat Up Daniel Bryan, Talks Bryan’s Possible In-Ring Return, More

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In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, featured on their YouTube page, The Miz was asked about history with WWE Smackdown Live general manager Daniel Bryan. The Miz and Daniel Bryan have famously been in a war or wits since the inception of the brand split, and came to a high point during an altercation on an episode of Talking Smack when the Miz completely lost it against Bryan after Bryan said he “wrestled like a coward”. The Miz and Daniel Bryan also began their history when The Miz was Bryan’s “Pro” during Daniel Bryan’s time in NXT. Since then, The Miz has adopted many aspects of his repitoire from Bryan’s, including his corner dropkicks and his “IT” kicks.

Sports Illustrated asked the Miz if he would get back in a ring with the Smackdown Live general manager.

“I would love to beat him up in a WWE ring! All day, everyday. But I don’t know what the plans are for Daniel. I know his passion is in the WWE ring. Whether that’s a general manager or a professional wrestler, I don’t know.”

The Miz also took time to praise Daniel Bryan, but took the time to put himself over in the process, of course.

“He’s working tremendously hard to get in a WWE ring. Fingers crossed, because I would love to have a match with Daniel Bryan. He is one of the best in-ring technicians that WWE has ever seen, and I would love to showcase how much better I am than him.”

The Miz was last seen on Monday Night Raw and faced off against Roman Reigns, losing his Intercontinental championship in the process. It seems The Miz will soon be taking some time off to be filming a new movie, the latest installment of The Marine.

Check out the full interview below.

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